Thursdays at The Colony

75% love it
Thursdays is 'Boys Night'
Although it's not officially promoted, Thursday evenings--early, around 7 p.m.--are a gathering of Palm Beach's finest gentlemen (and the men who love them). Wear your nicest blue blazer and be prepared to talk to guys who have so much money, they could own you. And perhaps you'd like that?


    • gamnyc212
      gamnyc212 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Classic Palm Beach for the mature 60+ crowd
      Was recently on a biz trip to Palm beach and went for a much needed after work drink. The event was at the historical Colony hotel on Palm beach island and is gay only on thursday nights. the wooden bar flows into the lit pool...beautiful venue. I was probably the youngest person at the place. The crowd consist mostly of older men 60+ with sprinkling of 40s and 50s. and tends to be very cliquish. The stone face bar staff look like they were angry at all the patrons. Drinks are definitely on the high end $15 for a glass of chardonnay. All in all. not a friendly fun place to strike an easy conversation.